NOMAD Gallery's second location has been announced (196 Kingsway, Vancouver) for August 2011. 

Call for submissions: 2-3 of your works (any medium) with a mini-bio to

Submission deadline: Wednesday July 20th 2011

Actualized by a group of ECUAD grads in January 2011, with the imperative participation of some forty graduating artists, NOMAD Gallery is a self referential Art collective which currently runs for one month at a time. One of the prevailing characteristic of the project is its "nomadic" spontaneity spawning out of the participation and support of art communities not limited to city, country or continent.

The gallery recognizes the obsolete definition of the term; It is no longer imperative to travel the plains of Tibet in a caravan in search of sustenance, to be a nomad. A modern day nomad utilizes assets of modern technology, crosses oceans on a whim and calls the world his home. This product of globalization is reflected in the prerogative of the Nomad. Dissipating as rapidly as it forms, the gallery offers a glimpse of the emerging artists of that community.

The inception of NOMAD gallery takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia at 225 E. Georgia St.

First opening - February 4, 2011
Second opening - February 18, 2011

Hours of Operation

Mon-Wed 12:00pm-6:00pm
Thurs-Sun 12:00pm - 6:00pm

( Feb 4 until February 28, 2011)